Strategic Alliance with FOB Synthesis
IDB made Agreement for Strategic Allance with FOB Synthesis Inc(FOB) in USA related tothe business of supplying and manufacturing synthetic intermediates and pharmaceutical ingredients.

FOB was incorporated to establish a hybrid chemical company focusing on both drug discovery and custom synthesis business in April, 2000, which islocated at the site of EM Tech Bio in Atlanta, Georgia and selected to be part of the Georgia Biotech project as a drug discovery and synthetic chemical company.

FOB is initially focusing on Cabapenem class of antibiotics which has been regarded high active against resistance developed strain of micro organism and will develop a discovery program in this field.

IDB will develop synthetic chemistry for the advanced key intermediate for the new generation carbapenem compounds. 
Participate in TIDES 2003 2003-03-11
Acquired KGMP approval 2003-01-06